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InterContinental Lhasa Paradise

The InterContinental Lhasa Paradise has 2000 well-appointed guestrooms ,the first stage will open 472 luxury rooms and suite rooms with The Central Oxygen Supply and humidification System, 10 restaurants and bars with different style, plus pool room and bookroom, at the second stage, we will open 861 rooms, SPA and swimming pool. We are Also equipped with top functional conference facilities,which is the best choice for helding various scale conference, celebration and wedding banquet activities. We will open 7 shops with Tibetan characteristics on the 1st floor of InterContinental Lhasa Paradise lobby ,hidden in the buildings with the architectural charm of the Jokhang Temple, the thangka painting museum, Tibetan dress custom, Tibetan specialty , Tibetan jewelry, Tibetan handicrafts, outdoor clothing and supermarket, will not only show the wisdom of Tibetan culture ,but also provide Travel daily needs for all tourists;on the second floor will be presented Shun Xing teahouse with a distinctive Sichuan culture, Tibetan medical house, Massage health center and etc. InterContinental Lhasa Paradise With all of these,you will enjoy the harmonious between Sichuan and Tibet culture.Our sincerely warm hospitality, unique brand service as “Do you live an InterContinental life” will create elegant and comfortable experience for business and leisure guests.